Use our products for Spill free and Tamper free liquid beverage deliveries, drive throughs and pickups at the perfect temperature.


Use the Beverage SEAL on all your liquid beverages and say goodbye to customer complaints due to spilled beverages. Perfect for drive throughs, pick-ups and deliveries.


Use it to do your own short-run deliveries, sell them to you your customers, even better… Get the delivery drivers in your area to use them to give your customers the best experience ever!


Only 10mm wide and 25 cm long. Perforations added for easy removal. Designed to fit any cup. In combination with the Beverage Seal it will prevent anyone from tampering with the liquid beverage.

At Beverage SEAL we partner with our local Coffeeshops to change the world

While the Beverage SEAL platform allows us to partner with the local coffeeshop and broaden their market, this is not our main purpose.

We want to make the world better – one cup at a time.

We just know we cannot do this on our own. So we are looking for coffeeshop owners who not only want to improve their business, but is longing for more in life than just profit. We want to partner to make a difference in the world around us.

We firmly believe that fulfillment lies in giving, not in receiving. Contact us to find out more about the opportunities Beverage SEAL provides to not only build your business and serving your customers in a new and innovative way, but to join the CoffeeLIFT Movement to make our world better – one cup a t a time.